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Workers Compensation Law

Hiring a competent attorney evens the playing field. Your opponents, the employer and the worker’s compensation insurance company, already have a staff of attorneys to advise them throughout a worker’s compensation claim.

The worker's compensation attorney only gets paid

if the case is won.

This could occur in a few ways:

• If you are denied benefits and the attorney is successful in getting you

  these benefits, the attorney will be paid a 20% fee.

• If you are receiving worker's compensation benefits and the insurance

  company is trying to cut them off, and the attorney is successful in

  continuing your worker's compensation benefits, the attorney will be

  paid a 20% fee.

• If your case is settled for a lump sum, the attorney will be paid a

  20% fee.

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No. There are only three ways that the worker's compensation insurance company can stop your checks:

• If you return to work

• If you voluntarily sign off on your worker's compensation claim

• If a worker's compensation judge orders that your checks be

  stopped after a full hearing takes place


If your worker's compensation checks are stopped for any other reason, you may be able to file for significant penalties against your employer and the worker's compensation insurance company.

No. It just means that the worker's compensation insurance company has an opinion from a reviewing doctor that you can return to work. It is usually not an opinion from your doctor. An answer must be immediately filed to that petition by an attorney working for you.


Hearings will then take place, and after hearing all of the evidence, including the medical testimony of your doctors, the Judge will issue a decision as to whether or not you continue to receive worker's compensation benefits.


It is vital that you have a competent worker's compensation attorney working for you throughout this procedure.

Depending on who your employer is, you might have to visit a different doctor first.


When you report your work-related injury to your employer, the employer is required to have a posting of at least 6 doctors from which you can choose to visit.


If the employer has such a posting, you must consult with one of the posted doctors for 90 days following the work related injury. After those 90 days, you can work with the doctor of your choice.


If the employer does not have a posting of at least 6 doctors, you can see any doctor of your choice from day 1.

Yes. As long as you were "in the scope and course of [your] employment duties" when the injury occurred, you are entitled to receive worker's compensation benefits. No matter where it happened

No. You can only receive worker's compensation benefits in Pennsylvania, even if it was clearly your employer's negligence that caused your injuries.


You cannot sue your employer in Pennsylvania for any work related injuries, no matter who is at fault in causing them. Worker's compensation is your sole remedy.

Yes. The amount of your social security disability check will, however, be reduced from your full entitlement amount because of the worker's compensation benefits you are receiving.


If this is happening to you, then It is vital to get the assistance of a competent worker's compensation attorney. You can make sure your entitlement amount stays as high as possible.


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