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Why Do You Need A Competent Worker's Compensation Lawyer

By eliasrobert1128975, Sep 22 2015 08:17PM

The Worker's Compensation system in Pennsylvania is stacked against the injured worker. When someone is injured in a work accident, the employer and its worker's compensation insurance company immediately have an army of professionals and attorneys at their disposal to advise them every step of the way on how to pay the least amount they possibly could to the injured employee. From the time of the injury, they know how to work the system to keep the injured worker from getting the benefits to which they are entitled under the law. While this is going on, the injured person is on his/her own, with nobody to help them understand this very complicated system. One of my biggest complaints is that the Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation Law has absolutely nothing in it that requires the employer or its insurance company to educate the injured worker of their rights under the law. As such, he/she is left out there on their own, guessing at what they think is the right thing to do, while the insurance company is being advised as to how to deny them the benefits to which they are legally entitled, just to save themselves some money. I have been trying to level the playing field for my clients for 33 years, giving them my knowledge of the worker's compensation system and guiding them through all of the potential pitfalls, enabling them to get their maximum benefits. Let me help you as well!

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